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Equipment Testing

Periodic testing and analysis of your compressed air equipment will help you manage by planning instead of by panic.

Our Quarterly Test Consists of the Following:

  • Vibration readings at specific points on your machine.
  • Sound readings similar to an open field reading.
  • Temperature readings on the bearing area of the drive motor, both drive end and opposite end bearings.
  • Temperature readings of the driven end and opposite end bearings of the air end.
  • Voltage readings of the machine while fully loaded.
  • Amp draw readings while the machine is fully loaded.

Note: If a fully loaded condition is intermittent, we will place a temporary artificial load on the machine to bring it up to a fully loaded condition.

Once we have gathered all this information, we will provide a report for your files. After the base line readings are obtained, we will then plot subsequent readings in order to establish trends.
If an increase in any of the conditions (with the exception of voltage) is discovered, you will be notified of a possible pending failure.

This allows you to either perform or have performed an air end overhaul. A “tune-up” overhaul is about half the cost of the overhaul to an air end that has suffered a catastrophic failure. Depending on the damage experienced in a “crash”, the air end may not be salvageable at all.

Note: the voltage reading will establish a trend of service from your electricity provider. If the trend is lower than acceptable voltage, you can ask for an audit from the electrical provider. If they find their service is within their parameters but has fallen below the manufacturer’s specified voltage parameters, you can opt to install either step-up or buck-boost transformers to protect the motor and the ever increasingly sophisticated electronics of your compressor.

We will also test to assure your machine is properly grounded. An intermittent or floating ground can cause damage to the precision electronics found on today’s compressors, especially a variable speed unit.

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