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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I can buy compressors on-line cheaper than from you. Why should I buy from you?

A. When you buy on-line you assume total responsibility for sizing the unit, verifying the voltage, making sure you have sufficient amperage available in your distribution panel as well as installing the unit according to local codes and handling any and all warranty claims. You are also faced with finding a service organization if you don’t perform maintenance in-house. Parts availability is also an issue you will have to handle with no support.

Q. I can buy after market oil much cheaper than your oil. Why should I pay your price? After all, oil is oil, right?

A. Actually, the base oil stocks are the same. The additive packages that differentiate the total qualities of the finished lubricant are vastly different. The additives determine the long-term lubricity and stability of the lubricant. If incorrect or inadequate additives are blended with the base stock foaming can take place. Varnishing can occur. Oil that should have an 8000-hour change interval may only be good for 2000 hours. USE OF AFTERMARKET OILS WILL VOID ANY MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY.

Q. I can buy all my filters on line why should I buy yours?

A. After market filters usually have a much higher pressure drop across the element, especially once they have a few thousand hours of use. Remember, a two pound pressure drop in the system can equate to a 1% increase in operating costs. The compressor must work harder to overcome the pressure drop, or the system just becomes less efficient.

Q. My in-house maintenance people are competent. They’ve been maintaining our compressors for years. Why must I pay your service personnel to maintain my new equipment?

A. For the standard one year warranty your people can most likely service the equipment. If there is a warranty issue the factory trained distributor service technicians will have to get involved. If your people have caused the issue, warranty will likely be denied. For all extended warranty programs the use of factory trained and certified personnel and original equipment manufacturers parts and lubricants is required.

Q. Why are most new compressors computer controlled? Can’t I get a plain old compressor with no computer or controller?

A. Efficiency and power conservation are now mandated by most local and state agencies. The use of variable speed and controller/computer-controlled machines has lowered the cost of operating compressors considerably. Very few “old-school” compressors are available and are actually illegal in some localities.

Q. I Just bought a new refrigerated dryer and occasionally I still have water in the air system. The capacity of the new dryer is exactly the same as the capacity of the compressor. The sales person assures me the dryer is working correctly. What’s the problem?

A. Rather than get in to the correct method of sizing a dryer, please look at the text and video that addresses this very situation elsewhere on the site.

Q. Do I really need a licensed contractor to install my compressor?

A. A licensed contractor has a license to protect as well as a bond to protect you. Your compressor will be installed correctly according to all applicable local codes. A licensed contractor will also have workers comp insurance. This protects you in case one of his workers is injured on your property; without this insurance you are solely responsible for any injuries occurring on your property. In the event of a problem, your insurance company cannot reject your claim on the basis of an unlicensed contractor performing the installation.

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